The following is from Ryan Goldberg of Compudyne:

Compudyne/AS47096 is interested in operating a MICE remote switch in Duluth.

We have two 10G paths from 511 to Duluth (one on Charter, one on
Enventis) in a ring of 5 Juniper MX boxes (2 at 511, 3 in Duluth – the 3
in Duluth are interconnected over dark fiber).  We hit a little over 5G
on 5min averages in total between the two 511<->Duluth legs.  Latency is

We currently participate in MICE via MNVoip’s extension, mainly because
it makes more overall sense to pick up MICE + SIX + Denver + KC all on
one interface (for now).  We’d probable leave it like that for a while.

For the proposed extension switch we’d do a two site VPLS config on the
MXes, with on a fresh, dedicated 10gig port at 511 and corresponding
10gig port in Duluth.  We’d start with an EX4200-24F in Duluth, and run
the usual Juniper-y stuff (from
Initial participants would only be on 1gig ports on the 4200.

As for location, we’re currently leaning toward “the Missabe Building”
at 227 W 1st St, Duluth, MN  – this is our primary downtown Duluth POP,
and aside from our fiber, and there’s high-count fiber from at least 5
other carriers in the building.  The space has dual AC and is backed by
generator power.

Upgrade path is 100G 511<->Duluth, at least on one leg.  If business
drives it, we’ll just do it.  Otherwise it’s budgeted for next year.  As
for the switch, we’d move to a ex4550.

Without taking any position on this here yet, I'd like to highlight a
couple of facts:

The proposed transport is over a VPLS link (i.e. shared with other
traffic, not a dedicated wave).

In the past, and quite possibly still, we have had participants
connected over shared links, but not entire remote switches.