We had a great first MICE meeting last night at Grumpys. Special thanks to Mike Hemphill at FWR for lining up the venue and refreshments!

Here's a brief summary of the meeting:

-Created a 3 person steering committee, initial appointees will have 1, 2 or 3 year terms. Replacements will all be 3 year terms. Steering committee members cannot serve consecutive terms.
-Appointed Dave Farmer, Mike Horwath and Jay Hanke as initial steering committee members
-Decided on a logo (the blue one), one vote for the back side of the paper
-ipHouse to create a mailing list, details to be posted to the group shortly
-CNS/Paul Bunyan to donate/make available switching hardware to be located in their cage
-ipHouse to donate/make available Cisco 4500 Ethernet switch for placement in FWR space
-Participants will have option to connect to either or both of the switches
-[Company name] to donate/make available two Dell 2950 servers for route servers to be located alongside the switches. Group decided against using Cisco 2950 for route servers.
-[Company name]/ipHouse to figure something out for a website
-Group decided to explore ARIN costs for ASN and initial IP allocation, Dave Farmer to come back with costs.
-Avant Garde will talk look into formation of a non profit entity and will solicit someone to assist with a member control agreement, Jaguar can also assist in entity formation if needed.
-Agreed to create Tech committees or working groups to divide up the work of getting the exchange going.
-Plan to meet as a group on or around September 15th, we need a venue, if someone can make a room available for 15-25 people please contact one of the steering committee members.
-Steering Committee will meet week of Aug 2 and come up with an agenda for Sept 15 Meeting

My notes weren't very complete, so if you have additions or corrections please post them!



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