At 11:03AM CDT, today, 3/10/2015, one of our storage units (zebi2)
used for virtual machine storage had a hard failover from one
controller to the other. The other controller totally took control and
can handle all storage needs, but there was a small latency spike in
storage times that may have affected a few virtual machines since this
was a hard takeover.

This wasn't planned, but apparently due to bad hardware on the system
that was previously identified on Monday.
We have a replacement on track for delivery today to fixup everything to 100%.

This latency spike affected a couple virtual machines to the best of
our knowledge, requiring a reboot. If you have a VM that is acting
strangely, that may be required to fix it fully. If you have any
questions about your machines, let our noc department know either via
phone call or email to [log in to unmask] 

If you still have any problems or questions please let us know at
[log in to unmask], or call us up at 612-337-6340.

Thank you.
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