On 16 July, 2015 starting around 03:40 AM CDT, it looks	like routing
across CenturyLink's backbone stopping being functional.

We were	still talking to CenturyLink's router just fine, they were
feeding	us all routes across BGP, so to	all equipment, we should
be able	to utilize our CenturyLink bandwidth.

But they apparently are	having some extended outage, as	I was not
able to	route past Chicago trying to get to us, nor route out
beyond our upstream router from	inside.   

As of 4:40AM CDT, we've turned down our BGP session to CenturyLink as
a result, until they can get their act together. It looks like even
the website is off the Internet right now. We are
running totally on our other primary bandwidth provider,	now.

Their failure should have brought down routes to us, but because they
were still feeding us routing data as if everything was	 good, our routers
believed them, and kept	trying to push traffic over them until we
were able to get in and	physically turn	down their connection to us.

All traffic routing problems should be restored	after their uplink
was disabled, all our tests/alerts are clearing	up as I	type this.
We'll monitor their sites and routing and wait until their NOC gives
the all clear before we turn them up again.

If you still have any problems or questions please let us know at
[log in to unmask], or call us up at 612-337-6340.

Thank you.
Doug McIntyre                            <[log in to unmask]>
          -- ipHouse/Goldengate/Bitstream/ProNS --
       Network Engineer/Provisioning/Jack of all Trades