I am no longer seeing any of the packet loss that I was previously seeing between the Juniper 4500, and 4550.

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Yes this is awesome!! Thanks for all of the efforts!!

Jeremy, I recall before there was some discussions around some small amount of packet loss when traffic moved across a certain path from one member to another and it seemed one of the Juniper components was most likely the involved: stacking cables, a particular switch, or something. Without checking the list archives, I believe you were involved in identifying some of this, some of which was improved by re-working a bit of the fabric topology. Since the Arista moves are basically all done, I am curious to hear if any of that previous packet loss is still happening now that many of the previous fabric components are decommissioned.

Also, not urgent but I think it would be great if the technical page details could be updated at some point: config details, exchange topology diagram, etc.

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