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Please join this upcoming webinar if you can and pass on to others.  See registration link below:

Learn about Arista's integration with HPE and Docker

Arista and HPE partner with Docker to discuss the future of data center architectures combining Arista/HPE powered infrastructure with Docker's container ecosystem. Fred Hsu, Arista Technical Marketing Engineer, Chris Young, HPE Technical Marketing Engineer, FlexManagement, and Brent Salisbury, Docker Software Alliance Engineer, will lead a deep dive into the following topics:
Converged infrastructure with Arista EOS, HPE servers/storage, and Docker
Arista Container Tracer for visibility 
ContainerOps with Docker containers on servers and switches
Network tools and workflows using containers
The presentation will conclude with an interactive Q&A session. We look forward to seeing you there.


Fred Hsu

Technical Marketing Engineer, Arista Networks

Brent Salisbury

Software Alliance Engineer, Docker

Chris Young

Technical Marketing Engineer, FlexManagement, HPE
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