Hi MICE Participants,

Our 100G link from AS15169 to MICE is now live. We are peered and
announcing/accepting routes from the route server. We welcome you to
request public peering with us.

Public peering with Google is encouraged as we do not announce all
prefixes to our route server, only summary routes. We do however announce
all Google prefixes on our direct IX peering sessions. When you peer with
us you also will be able to obtain access to the Google ISP Portal where
you can manage your traffic, view your networks YouTube performance, among
other features.

There are two ways to request public peering.

1. If you already have access to the Google ISP Portal please visit tickets
--> request new IX interconnection and submit your details on your ASN and

2. If you do not have access to the ISP Portal please visit . On the form select Peering --> IX Peering and
select Minneapolis from the dropdown. In the comments section please notate
that you are part of MICE.

While we have paused IX peering due to IRR validation we will be
reviewing MICE requests on a case by case basis for approval since we are
changing ASNs.

Please send me a direct message should you have any specific questions or
concerns on your request.



Dave Schwartz
Peering & Content Distribution
Google AS15169
[log in to unmask]
+44 20 3820 9224