This is because Zayo is a non-compliant extension switch operator.  There have been several things approved by the MICE board that Zayo has become non-responsive on implementing.  As a result we needed to put a MAC filter in place on Zayo’s link to the MICE core.  You can let me know your new MAC address, and I can update the filter.  Also there are some other things related to route server security coming up shortly that will become an issue on the Zayo extension switch.  If you have a good contact there, we would love to have them work with us.




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Greetings all,

                Last night I cutover to a new Arista for BGP services facing MICE and a few other peers.  All my other peers are up and functioning properly, but I cannot reach any of the MICE peers.  Since I am connected to the Zayo remote switch in Belle Plaine, I had Zayo bounce my port thinking it was a mac-limit issue.   Even before they did this, I can see MICE peers in ARP and in the MAC-Table, but I cant ping any of them, like the traffic is filtered in one direction.  Zayo’s port bouncing had no effect. 


Any ideas Arista/MICE guru’s?


James Urwiller

Network Architect

Stealth Broadband

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